List of publications


  1. Chicken Ghee Roast by International Human Rights Arts Festival (IHRAF)- New York, anthology themed on domestic violence 2021

Short stories/Prose

1. The Waiting Uteruses by Nymphs Publications, London 2021

2. How I Describe Hear Sounds to my Deaf Brother (Page 156) by Oklahoma University’s Annual Medicine themed art journal – Blood and Thunder 2020

3. Blood and the Vermillion by Active Muse 2020

4. List of Medical Conditions that don’t exist but should (Page 204) by University of Oklahoma College of Medicine’s medicine themed annual art journal – Blood and Thunder 2021


  1. Hey, When Was the Last Time You Embraced Your Creative Outlet? by American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) Connection


I would like to categorically state that unless the pieces (either written by me or written about me) are released from my social media handles { TwitterFacebookFacebook pages, LinkedInInstagram, YouTube}, they do not represent me or my thoughts. I am not responsible for the content of external websites that mentions my name.

Additionally, the media interaction I provide on the above platforms are my personal views and is not professional medical advice or treatment for medical conditions. Please consult your healthcare provider to diagnose and manage any health problems and to answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding your condition.

Dr. Tara Rajendran, MBBS MFA

July, 26, 2021